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Learn to Fly with us!

Learn to Fly with Elbow Street Aviation Services. Become a private pilot and experience the thrill, fun and excitement of flying.

Today there are thousands of people, just like you, learning to fly. They come from all walks of life and have a variety of reasons for wanting to become a pilot. Some fly to expand business opportunities, others to explore careers in the aviation industry. Some are looking for an activity they can share with their family. Most fly for the sheer fun of it. What ever your reason, you will find flying challenging and fun.

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to get you started on your aviation adventure:


  1. An applicant must be at least 17 years of age to take the check ride. Individuals 16 years old may "solo," and take the written exam, but must wait until age 17 to take the flight check.
  2. The applicant must pass a physical exam administered by a FAA approved doctor. The medical certificate the doctor issues will become your "student pilot license," with the endorsement of your instructor.
  3. The applicant must pass a written knowledge test with a score of at least 70%. Your ground instructor will help you prepare for the test, and must "sign you off" to take the test. This test must be passed before taking the check ride.
  4. A minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction is required. (20 with an instructor & 10 solo)


Generally, the cost is time, effort, and roughly $4,500. This figure includes flight instruction, aircraft rental, textbooks, and supplies.

Instructor rates are $25.00 per hour


  • Give us a call and we will schedule an introductory flight. During this "Discovery Flight" you will help pre-flight the airplane and then take off on your new adventure.
  • Please take your medical exam as soon as possible. Once you begin your lessons, you could be flying "solo" very quickly. But without that "piece of paper" your progress will be delayed.
  • Purchase the textbooks and begin preparing for the FAA written test. For some, this is the most challenging part of learning to fly. You may want to enroll in one of our ground schools to help you prepare for the test.


  • No instructors currently available.

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